Essentials SEO Tools For Small Business

To have success in SEO it’s important that have the ability to gather accurate data and be able to analyse it in the most efficient manner. Bellow are the tools you need to get started and succeed with SEO.

Google Keyword Planner (Free): This tool allows you to evaluate the demand for any product or service flowing through the google search engine. You will need how many searches have been perform for very specific phrases.

Google Analytics (Free): Understanding you customers behaviour is crucial to succeed in SEO and any marketing campaign for that matter. This tool allows you to know how many visitor came to your website, how long they stayed, what phrase they searched to get there, where they go from here, and much more. This should be the first tool to install in your website.

Google Webmaster Tools: This tools allow to understand more in-depth how your site behave with the search engine. You get errors, suggestions to improve your site search-ability, and much more. A good idea is to link it to your Google Analytics account.

SEMRush (paid): Competitive analysis give you an edge to your competition. By understand how your competition is doing in the search results, you can better prepare and find weak spots. You can also find opportunities, which happens a lot. This tool is very valuable for some serious competitive analysis.

Crazy Egg (Paid): This is a heat-map software, it always to see through the eyes of your website visitors by seeing how far down they scrolled, when did they click, and much more. This is a great to improve conversions.